iIPact – Pro Implementing of Infrastructures

Implementation is an expert’s task! Installing infrastructure materials and components is extremely sophisticated in nature, especially when it comes to advanced technologies and modular systems, which require redundancy and fail-over. Many times, site owners and operators only come to realize incomplete or unprofessional installation of their components when disaster occurs or they notice significant drop in their infrastructure’s life-expectancy and/or failover or load-balancing mechanisms that were supposed to occur as routine and programmed procedures do not happen when they are most needed.

iIPact takes a program approach to every implementation. There are assigned project managers, warehouse and procurement coordinators, certified technicians and field experts, testers and QA personnel involved in every implementation effort, local, direct and no intermediaries or third-parties involved, rendering single point of contact and responsibility for a to z of the process.

iIPact suites are specially favored and popular amongst organization of all size when it comes to their Data Center implementation requirements.