iSPact – Supplying Breathtaking Technologies

iSPact is a focused oriented division within InfraPact who’s vision and mission is to identify, allocate and supply infrastructure technologies which are bypassing the available alternatives in the industry and suppressing all efficiency, capacity, feature and capability benchmarks. Technologies supplied and supported by InfraPact are all certified products by world’s leading manufacturers, which are unique in nature and practical on-site.

iS Mechanics

Full basket of mechanical systems such as varied types of Chillers, Condensers, CCUs, FCUs, Fans, Pumps, to unique blend of in-door precision cooling systems for data centers and server halls, offering in-rack and in-row cooling solutions.

iS Electrics

Wide range of power generation equipment supplies, from Generators, to UPSs and Batteries, to Solar Panels and Invertors, to Busbars, ATS, STS, Switchgear, and Fuel Cells are being catered by iS Electrics.


Providing extensive range of Fire Suppression systems such as Novec 1230, FM200 and Fire Prevention Systems, as well as Fire Alarm, Fire Detection, and all sorts of fire sensing, altering and protection systems.

iS Security

Cameras, Security Office Equipment, Buriers, Fences, Access Controls, Mantraps, security walls, doors, and much more are bled of iS Security offering.

iS Cabling

Structured cabling cables and wires be it copper or fiber for varied applications with different classifications, grades and features suited for mission-critical implementations.

iS Monitor

Environment monitoring and sensing, leak detection, infrastructure PUE optimization monitoring control, power quality control, site and infrastructure management applications and tools are some of what’s offered by iS Monitor.

iS Mobile

Catering diverse range of Mobile Data Centers and Fast/Rapid Deployment Data Centers offers varied sizes, capacities, features suited for variable applications across platforms and industries.

iS Civil

iS Civil caters door to door delivery of Fire Rated doors, walls, partitions. Such materials come with green credentials as well as other requirements that can match the site’s design specifications.